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Flexibility - Concierge medicine goes by many names: boutique medicine, retainer-based medicine, direct care, fee for service, VIP -medicine and innovative medical practice design. Concierge physicians care for fewer patients than those in a conventional practice, thus allowing for more quality time with each individual client. Some of the benefits and services typically included in this retainer model are: same day access to your doctor; immediate cell phone and text messaging to your doctor; unlimited office visits with no co-pay; little or no waiting time in the office; focus on preventive care; customers service directed atmosphere; house calls if applicable; online consultations; prescription refills; and convenient appointment scheduling.

Quality - A concierge care practice is built around the principle that quality time spent with each patient is better than scattered hurried visits with reflexive prescribing and often unneeded testing. The idea revolves around comprehensiveness, not just in acute matters but also in preventive care, risk stratification and regular follow-ups with and educational component.

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Welcome to MyPCP, Inc., a new approach to healthcare.

2024 marks my 24th year in the primary care arena. During this time, I have seen a vast change in the delivery of the healthcare product. Medicine has become more focused on patient volume, and less focused on quality of care. Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) have been forced to see increasing numbers of patients, thus compromising the quality of care for the patient. Doctors are more focused on dealing with acute problems, and less focused on prevention. The current physician/patient model is antiquated, the system is failing.

As a result,  I have decided to change my focus and vision. I want to change the way I manage my patients. Thus, I have created MyPCP, Inc.

There is a growing trend in medicine known as private medicine, or concierge medicine, which allows a physician the ability to establish such a relationship with a limited number of patients. This limited patient volume optimizes time for the physician to provide individualized, in-depth, comprehensive personal care with 24 hour, unrestricted access